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About the examples:


Beth Cahill's Songs for Sarah was crafted over several years. She's a great friend and I was very honored to be trusted with the production. Mastered by John Scrip at Massive Mastering.

Tracks: Sarah with the Blue Eyes, Black Sheep, Chinese Words, Christmas Day in Flint, Michigan, The Pilot, From the Sky
(Beth Cahill ©2011 Soona Songs)

I produced, engineered and mixed Kevin Elliott's debut record for Soona Songs. This one has some great quirks! Mastered by John Scrip at Massive Mastering.

Tracks: Prettiest Girl in AA, Me and the Kid, New Hat and Suspenders, Where the Songs are Silent, Dolores, The Clown Factory
(Kevin Elliott ©2011 Soona Songs)

Hard Rock:

I've mixed a bunch of songs for Jay Serrao and The Juice - they bring the rock from London. Mastered by Andy Jackson at Tube Mastering.

Tracks: Lifeline Express, Man Overboard
(Jay Serrao and The Juice ©2011 Jay Serrao and The Juice)

Alternative Rock:

I play guitar and sing with the band Radiophonic. This one took a while, since we all live in different states. Mastered by John Scrip at Massive Mastering.

Tracks: Wonderboy, FTW, Sunrise Over Venus, Ballad for One, Frogstomp
(Radiophonic - I Could Have Been a Rocket Scientist ©2010 Soona Songs)

Vocal Jazz:

I've co-produced, recorded and mixed two jazz albums with Lisa Markley. Lisa is an amazing writer and performer; a true professional, and one of the few people I've worked with who is as picky as I am! These two albums were mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain.

Tracks: One Word, Song for Henry, Adagio
(Lisa Markley - One Word ©2009 Soona Songs)

Tracks: Fork in the Road, Eve Takes the Fall, Lullaby of the Wandering Moon
(Lisa Markley - The Sky Is Blue and Sometimes Cries ©2007 Soona Songs)

Folk / Jazz:

Lisa is married to Bruce Balmer, another truly gifted writer and performer. Bruce is a monster guitar player and one of the more prolific songwriters I know. I had a lot of fun mixing this -- from 50's-style backing vocals to space/radio effects, it was more than a standard folk presentation. Mastered by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering.

Tracks: Mom & Dad's Polka, And So They Shall Remain, Landing on the Moon
(Markley & Balmer - markley & balmer ©2008 Soona Songs)

Instrumental Guitar:

Heliopause is a three-guitar experimantal trio that I'm proud to play in. This is a good example of less-is-more; the mixing (hopefully!) doesn't get in the way of the improvisation. I tried to emphasize space and let the arrangements speak for themselves.

Tracks: Waiting for the thaw, Pancake ice closing in, IMF
(heliopause - v.ii ©2008 Soona Songs)

Alternative / Pop:

Tim Lang's project included a mixture of real and programmed/looped drums that provided lots of opportunity for using samples and effects creatively. Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain.

Tracks: Siren Song, You & Me
(Steal Blue - Belong to the Day ©2007 Tim Lang)


One of my favorite records that I recorded and mixed in 2002. We tracked in a large house in Denton, TX. I completed the mixes in Illinois. David, Rebecca and co. are just amazing at what they do!

Don't Play Chase, The Struggle, Zoo
(©2002 Blueprint Sea -- now known as Landrest)

Hard Rock:

Another recording session in a big house, this time in North Dallas. Gotta love hard-hitting drummers! This is from when I was just getting started, but I think it has a lot of power. Mastered by George Geurin at DES Mastering.

Sterilized, Released
(©2001 Raygun Charlie)